Trapped Rook

A Rook is quite mobile and so is hard to trap. But they are often trapped in the corner by a Bishop in the early stages of the game if the Knight hasnít moved next to them.

Diagram: Rook Trapped in the Corner by Bishop

Diagram: Knight Traps Rook in Corner

The Queen is also often chasing after rooks in the corner. This occurs on both sides of the board.

Diagram: Queen Traps Rook in the Corner

Rooks also often get caught out on their castling square by a bishop. This occurs when the Rook is blocked in by its own pieces.

Diagram: Bishop Traps Rook

Rooks are often pinned or skewered by Bishops. A pinned Rook is trapped in a sense, although pins are usually a separate category.

Rooks can sometimes be trapped in the middle of the board. Usually this occurs in front of its own pawns.

Two Bishops are particularly good at trapping Rooks. All of the squares are covered and the Rook cannot escape.

Diagram: Two Bishops Trap Rook

Rooks can also sometimes be smothered by their own King. Read more about: Smothered Rook.

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