Take Enemy Pieces

Taking enemy pieces is a very basic beginner strategy. You should take anything you possibly can! If your opponent leaves any pieces unprotected, grab them. And sometimes you can win a Queen or maybe a Rook.

Even if the can take the piece back, often its just a “swap”. For example, if they take your Knight (worth about 3 Pawns) with their Bishop, then you take back their Bishop (also worth 3 pawns), then it’s a swap. No-one really wins or loses from a swap.

But sometimes swaps gain material. If you can take a Rook, that’s worth 5 Pawns. So if you take the Rook with your Knight or Bishop, then you get 5 Pawns worth, even if they take back your Knight or Bishop (both worth about 3 pawns each). So you get 5, and you give only 3, and overall you win 2 pawns.

But be careful not to do it in reverse! Don’t take a Knight or Bishop (worth 3 Pawns), but then let the enemy take your Rook (5 Pawns). You lose 2 pawns that way.

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