Swap Pieces Not Pawns if Winning

If you are willing, and are up material, the winning strategy is to swap pieces. But avoid swapping pawns. Why? Because swapping pieces means you get down to an endgame where your extra pieces or extra pawns will make it easy for you to Queen a pawn or two. But if you have swapped too many pawns, you won’t have a pawn to Queen. So keep the pawns, swap the pieces.

In advanced chess, this strategy of swapping pieces but avoiding pawn swaps related to endgame draws. The fewer pawns on the board, the easier it is to draw. A defender will often try to get to an endgame with pawns on only one side of the board. Or if the defender can reduce the pawns down to one or two, a piece can sometimes be sacrificed for the last of the pawns. A lot of “pawnless” positions are drawish or book drawn.

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