Rook vs Knight Endings

A Rook vs Knight endgame is where one player has a Rook (and pawns and King), and the other player has a Knight (and pawns and King). Theoretically, a Rook is worth 5 pawns, whereas a Knight is only worth 3 pawns, so the Rook has a two pawn advantage.

Practice usually follows theory: the Rook usually wins this endgame. A Rook vs Knight endgame with equal pawns is usually a simple win for the Rook.

Even with an extra pawn, the Knight will have difficulty. If the material balance is R vs N+P, with extra pawns, expect the Rook to win comfortably in most situations.

More complex positions are where the Knight also has 2 extra pawns. Rook vs N+2P is a tricky ending that will depend on the exact position, but the Rook is still more likely to prevail.

With 3 or more extra pawns, the Knight has pretty good chances of a win.

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