Rook and Pawn vs King

The endgame of R+P vs K is an easy win. In fact, its a trivial win. You dont even need the win, because K+R vs K is a basic checkmate. More challenging are the endgames without a Rook:

The rook makes it too easy to win. The strategy is shown below.

The Rook and Pawn Win

Diagram: R+P v K (easy win)

The winning strategy is simply to push the passed pawn, and then you can use either rook checks (along the ranks horizontally) or even waiting moves and zugzwang, to get the defending King out of the path of the pawn. Then you Queen the pawn, and the Queen and Rook will checkmate very quickly.

The other strategy is simply to forget the pawn. You can even lose the pawn. Then you checkmate with the King and Rook, which is a basic checkmate, but its a bit tricky as it requires waiting moves to be used.

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