Rook and Bishop vs Rook and Knight Endings

A Rook and bishop versus Rook and Knight endgame occurs where one player has a Rook and Bishop, and the opponent has a Rook and Knight, along with pawns (and Kings). Material is approximately equal with both players having Rooks, and the Bishop and Knight being about 3 pawns each. Hence, whichever side has the extra pawn has the advantage.

This endgame is very specialized, with 4 specific pieces, and needs to be distinguished from some other simpler types of endgames:

R+B versus R+N endgames are complex with 4 distinct pieces. They have some of the characteristics of Rook endgames, since each player has a Rook. And they have some of the characteristics of “Bishop vs Knight endgames”, since the players have this pair of pieces too.

These R+B vs R+N endgames are sometimes called “Fischer endings” or “Karpov endings” because these two grandmasters became known for prowess in this specialized endgame.