The idea of “having a plan” is important in chess. However, it is usually a mystery to beginners. What plan should I have? Some of the basic plans are:

  • Attacking the enemy King and trying to get checkmate
  • Defend against the attack (my opponent is attacking me)
  • Capture enemy pawns and pieces so that I have more stuff (“material”)
  • Push my passed pawn down to the end so I get an extra Queen (“pawn promotion”)
  • Win a boring game in the endgame with my extra pawn

There’s also the plans that are really the plan without a plan:

  • Make nothing moves until my opponent makes a mistake
  • Try not to make a mistake myself

In beginner chess the need for a proper plan is pretty low on the priority list. More important is seeing important tactics like checks, captures, and threats. But planning becomes more important as your chess improves.

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