Pawn Storm with Kings on the Same Side

Usually you would do a pawn storm attack against the enemy King on the opposite side of the board. But you can occasionally launch a pawn storm even if the Kings are on the same side. Its a very risky strategy, because if it fails then your King has no pawn cover, and is very vulnerable to a counterattack. Your King is also unprotected and very weak in some times of endings (semi-endings, double rook endings, Queen endings).

The way to successfully operate a same-side pawn storm is to have lots of pieces on the King side. You should amass as many Rooks, Bishops, and Knights behind the pawns, near your King (and therefore on the same side as the enemy King too). These pieces then act as defenders for your King (which has no pawn cover), while also acting as attacking pieces, as they normally would in a pawn storm. Then you attack with the pawn storm, open lines, and smash the enemy King with Rooks and Queen.

An important option to consider is a piece storm rather than a pawn storm. Instead of amassing pieces behind your pawns and pawn storming, you simply amass your pieces in front of the pawns, and then launch them against the King.

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