Minority Pawn Attack

A minority attack is where a pawn minority attacks against a pawn majority. It can be a single pawn against 2 enemy pawns, or 2 against 3. Usually it occurs on the wings rather than the center. Most commonly, it occurs on the Queenside where both payers are castled on the Kingside.

The term “minority attack” does not really get used if the pawns are attacking the pawns around the enemy King. That’s called a “pawn storm”. So a minority attack is an attack against a pawn structure on the opposite wing to the King.

What is a minority attack used for? It doesn’t sound too good at all. Usually you want to attack with more pieces than the defender, not less!

The idea is that the minority attack creates weaknesses in the Queenside pawn position, or open lines against that side of the board which are then exploited by the pieces. Typically a pawn minority attack will have a Rook behind the pawn, whereby the pawn levers open a file for the Rook to use. Hopefully the attacker gets either a half-open file where the Rook can attack a backward pawn, or an open file to invade on that side of the position.

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