Intermediate Chess Player Strategies

Intermediate chess players are familiar with the basic chess strategies of beginners, and have advanced to a higher level of chess mastery.

Intermediate players tend to have a good understanding of many of the important chess strategies:

Tactics are fairly well understood by intermediate players. Tactics at this level tends to resolve around the win of a piece rather than a lonely pawn. The basic ideas of tactics include:

Intermediate players still need additional work on advanced tactics such as:

  • Interference
  • Diversion
  • Pawn promotion combinations (Queening tactics)
  • Smothered pieces
  • Trapped pieces
  • Simplification combinations
  • Advanced combinations
  • Pawn winning combinations

Attacking is an area that intermediate players are usually quite strong. They are not so good on defensive, but they know how to attack! Attacking strategies include:

Areas where intermediate players still tend to be weaker than advanced chess players include:

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