Interlocking Pawn Chains

Interlocking pawn chains are the main feature of closed chess positions. Each player has a pawn chain that is blocked up against the opponentís pawn chain, with pawns on the opposite color squares. Neither playerís pawns can advance.

Pawn chains can occur across the whole board. Or an interlocking pair of pawn chains may occur in the center of the board, with open files and play on both wings. Itís also possible to have two sets of pawn chains, one on each wing.

Play in positions with interlocking pawn chains is that of closed positions. There tends to be more positional play, and less tactical piece play. Important aspects include whether the pawn chain can be undermined by attacking it with any remaining unblocked pawns (e.g. to lever open a file), or whether the base of the pawn chain can be attacked by any pieces.

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