Hovering Queen

The hovering Queen strategy is a pressure strategy in chess. It means to leave your Queen in a position where it could quickly attack the opposing King. It is “hovering” around the King, looking nasty, although perhaps it cannot immediately do anything. A Queen needs a second piece to actually give checkmate.

Although it may sound like a swindling trappy style of play, and may look like a beginner’s move, this is a strong and under-rated strategy. A hovering Queen needs only a single other piece brought up in order to become a deadly attack. The Queen might simply hang around on the Kingside while a Knight is moved over into the area within 3 or 4 moves.

The hovering Queen strategy is also a “pressure” or “prophylaxis” style of play. By having a threatening Queen so close to the King, a lot of moves and tactics are prevented. If any tactics lead to your Rook or other piece coming to a position of attacking the opposing King’s castled pawns, then the hovering Queen could become a mating Queen.

This is an advanced strategy that looks like a beginner’s strategy. Do not let a Queen hover near your King. The risk is much higher than it may seem.

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