Hide King Under an Enemy Pawn

A King can sometimes weather a pawn storm by hiding in front of the enemy pawns rather than take them. The enemy pieces cannot take their own pawns, so they can be good cover for your King.

Such positions usually arise in pawn storms. Typically, a rook pawn might be pushed up towards your King. In some cases, it might get to h7 (assuming White is attacking, and you are defending as Black). Should you take the pawn with King? Not always. Sometimes the King should hide at h8 under the pawn. The pawn cannot attack the King, and the enemy pieces cannot get to the King. Your King is safe, hidden behind enemy pawns, and then you launch your own counter-attack in the center or on the other side of the board. Only later, when things are quiet (in the endgame), does your King finally take the enemy pawn.

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