Fianchetto Positions

Fianchetto is the name of positions where the Bishops are developed into the corners. They are a valid alternative way to achieve development of the Bishops, and have good control over the center.

Beginners rarely use these Bishop locations, but they should give it a try. There are many times when they are good, and lots of times where they can be better than central deployment of the Bishop.

Diagram: Kingside Fianchetto Setup

Diagram: Queenside Fianchetto for Black

Diagram: Another Double Fianchetto Setup

Fianchetto Openings

Many chess openings use fianchetto development of one or both bishops, such as:

Exaggerated Fianchetto Setup

Sometimes, the Bishop doesn’t sit in the corner, but is an “exaggerated fianchetto” setup (e.g. Bh3, Ba3, Bh6 or Ba6). A few openings feature such a move.

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