Exciting Chess Play

Exciting chess plays is attacks and sacrifices. Go for the enemy king with all your pieces. Storm the fort with a huge pawn storm. Boring chess play usually means endgame finesses and nursing a pawn to a slow endgame win. Exciting play usually refers to:

This type of play has its advantages. Firstly, it is attacking, and it is active. Attacking moves have a greater chance of success than defensive moves.

But exciting play only goes so far. It works great in beginner chess, but not as well in intermediate chess, and very poorly in grandmaster chess. You cannot win every game in a blaze of glory. Sometimes the way to win it to gain material and then prosaically swap down to a won endgame. If your opponent is intent on attacking, maybe you have to accept an unsound sacrifice and then defend carefully and accurately. Sometimes you might just grab one pawn and then hanging onto it until the endgame.

Beginners and intermediate players often rely too heavily on attacking play and tactical combinations. Mastering chess play means learning about positional strategies, chess technique, endgame play, and all the other boring stuff.

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