Endgame Strategies

There is an immense range of strategies in the endgame. Different types of endings have different strategies.

Simplest Endgame Types

The basic types of endgames are those where each player has one type of piece, and there are also pawns. These include:

More Complex Endgames

Some of the more specialized types of endgames include:

General Endgame Strategy Advice

Some of the general strategies for endings are:

  • Capture enemy pawns
  • Protect your own pawns
  • Push Passed Pawns
  • Block Your Opponent’s Passed Pawns
  • Invade enemy territory
  • Get behind the enemy pawn chain
  • Centralize the King in Endgames
  • Outside passed pawns are strongest
  • Protected passed pawns (are even stronger)

Drawing Strategies in Endgames

Draws: a lot of the strategies related to endgames are about draws, whereas most middlegame strategies are about trying to win. In an endgame, the player who is down material is often just trying to get a draw.

Knight Strategies for Endgames

Knights: Endgame strategies for Knights include:

Types of Knight endgames include:

Bishops in Endgames

Bishop in the Ending: Endgame strategies for Bishops include:

Types of Bishop Endings include:

Rook Endgame Strategies

Rooks: The various Rook endgame strategies include:

  • Rooks Belong Behind Passed Pawns
  • Rooks Beside Passed Pawns is second best
  • Rooks in Front of their Passed Pawns is weakest (with exceptions)
  • Block Passed Pawns with the Rook
  • Rooks Work Best from a Distance (even in Endgames)
  • Rook Endgames Drawish (unless two pawns ahead)
  • Rook Outpost

Particular types of Rook endgame theory includes:

Queen Endgame Strategies

Queen endgame strategies include:

Some particular types of Queen endgames include:

King Endgame Strategies

King endgame strategies include:

Very Advanced Endgame Strategies

Some of the very advanced strategies in endgames, which are exceptions to some of the general rules include:

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