Counterattack Strategies

Counterattack strategies are used when you are under attack, and seek to fight back. They are often used in conjunction with defensive strategies, and it is not uncommon to alternative in moves between defensive moves and counterattacking moves.

King Attack Races

The most obvious type of counterattack is where the Kings are castled on opposite sides. Hence, when you are under attack against your King, you can counterattack against the enemy King on the other wing. It becomes a kind of race to see whose attack will break through first.

Central Break

Another common type of counterattack is to meet an attack against your King on the side with a central pawn break. By opening up the center, you are often stronger in the middle of the board if the enemy has moved their pieces to the side to attack your King. Itís hard to explain why this works so well, but it is the mainstay of active defence against a wing attack at your King.

From the attackerís point of view, they want to keep the center closed so that they can attack the King on the wing without distractions. There is an attacking strategy that says: close the center before attacking on the wing.

General Defensive Strategies

Some of the general types of strategies used are:

  • Active Play
  • Resilient Defence
  • Open the Center
  • Meet a Flank Attack with a Central Break
  • Attack the Other King
  • Create Compensation
  • Create Counterplay

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