Check the Queen

Another basic tactical strategy is to harass the Queen. Sometimes this is called “checking the Queen” even though it’s not really a “check” in chess if it’s the Queen under attack. You don’t announce “check” for an attack on the Queen in modern chess games (although in times long past, apparently you would do so).

But it’s always a good idea to attack the Queen. If you’re good, it might even be a pin of the Queen. And if you can win the Queen, that’s a game-winning advantage. (Just don’t lose your own Queen.)

But one trick: if you attack the Queen, it can often attack you right back. If you attack the enemy queen with a Pawn, Bishop, Rook, or your Queen, then the enemy Queen can actually take that piece. So make sure your piece is protected by one of your other pieces or pawns.

Knights are the one piece that can harass a Queen with impunity. The Queen cannot take the Knight back. Plenty of Queens get lost to Knight forks for this reason. But sometimes the Queen gets revenge by winning the Knight with a Queen Fork.

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