Check the King

If you see a check, itís a good idea to make that check move. Thereís a saying, ďif you see a check, it might be mate!Ē So you should always attack the enemy king at any opportunity.

Checking the King prevents your opponent from doing anything else. They must defend. They have to either move their King, block the check with another piece, or capture your piece. So hopefully not the last one, hopefully you havenít given a check where your piece can just get taken!

Checking the king is also strong because it prevents a person from castling their King to safety. You cannot castle out of check, itís a basic rule for castling. And if you check the King and the King has to move, then it has lost the right to castle.

Tournament etiquette: It is allowed to say ďcheckĒ when you check your opponentís King. But itís optional. Some people consider it polite, especially in slow chess where you cannot take the King even if your opponent fails to see the check. In advanced chess tournaments, you usually donít say it, because itís almost impolite to suggest that an advanced player wouldnít notice the check.

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