Center Passed Pawn

A central passed pawn is a center pawn that is a passed pawn. In other words, it’s a passed "d’ or "e’ pawn, and sometimes the term refers to a Bishop pawn ("c’ or "f’ pawn). Being a passed pawn means that the pawn is free to run to the Queening square without any other enemy pawn blocking or capturing it (although an enemy piece or King may block it).

A center passed pawn is an advantage, but not usually regarded as highly as an “outside passed pawn”. But even more powerful than an outside passed pawn would be a “supported passed pawn” (e.g. if the center pawn is both passed and supported), or a pair of “connected passed pawns” (often called a “pawn roller” or “hanging pawns”).

A center passed pawn is not that easy to convert into a win. It’s usually easy for the enemy King or other pieces to blockade the pawn, whereas it’s sometimes not so easy to get to an outside passed pawn that may be further away.

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