B+N vs 2N Endgame

The “Bishop+Knight vs Two Knights” endgame is a very complex and trappy endgame. A lot of these endgames will swap a pair of Knights to end up in a “Bishop vs Knight endgame”. Alternatively, a Bishop for Knight swap may occur, ending up in a “Knight endgame”.

But in some cases, all four of the pieces may remain without swaps. A lot will be riding on material issues such as which side has an extra pawn. Especially if one side has an outside passed pawn.

Also important is the positional aspect with regard to “Good Knight” vs “Bad Bishop”. The Bishop may be liability in positions where the pawns are blocked on its own color.

An interesting situation is that even a “good bishop” may sometimes not do so well against a pair of Knights. In particular, a Knight pair is

A similar endgame to consider is “2B vs 2N endgames” where it is a “Bishop pair” versus a “Knight pair” in the endgame.