Attack with Extra Pieces

If you have extra pieces, you are winning, and one way to win quickly is to attack. The idea here is that swapping pieces down to an endgame is not the only way to win if you are ahead a piece. The other idea is to use your extra material in an attack. You can attack the King and hope that your extra material will allow a checkmating attack. Or you can attack the opponent’s other pieces or pawns, in order to win even more material.

Note that these strategies are not without risk. The idea of just swapping off the pieces to win an endgame with your extra piece is slow and boring, but has the highest chances of success. A player who is losing will often seek to complicate the position with tactics and combinational play, so by playing an exciting attack yourself, you are creating a risk of helping your opponent unbalance the position. There is a higher risk of mistakes by playing exciting tactical chess than boring swaps.

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