Advanced Chess Player Strategies

Advanced chess players are familiar with the basic chess strategies and tend to rely upon additional more advanced strategies. The first step is to be sure that you are familiar with the strategies at lower levels, and general strategic plans such as:

Endgame Strategies

Advanced players tend to be stronger in endgame strategies. Some of the general ideas in endgames include:

Although these general rules can be helpful, there is no substitute to working on the “theory” side of endgames. It takes hard work, and a lot of players don’t find it fun. Advanced players and masters have a thorough understanding of a variety of different types of endings. The endgames of greatest importance in practice are probably:

Opening Strategies

In the openings, advanced players usually have a larger opening repertoire with both specific opening lines memorized and a general understanding of opening strategies. Do you actually have an opening repertoire? Is it written down? Does it cover all the common openings and responses that you see in tournament games, or are you quickly out of depth?

Middlegame Strategies

Both advanced and intermediate players are usually strong at checkmate combinations and chess tactics in general (i.e. pins, skewers, forks, discovered attacks, etc.). There are some more advanced types of tactics to learn as well:

Attacking Strategies

Attack is an area where all players get quite good quickly. An advanced player knows of a variety of attacking strategies. Whereas beginner and intermediate players tend to rush out to attack with whatever pieces are to hand, advanced players will often use a slower build-up to delay an attack until it has a greater chance of success. Some more advanced attacking strategies used are:

Defensive Strategies

Advanced players tend to also be stronger in defensive strategies. This is an area where intermediate players still tend to be weak.

Prophylactic Strategies

Advanced players also pay attention to the moves of their opponent. Beginners barely notice that their opponent exists, and intermediate players still don’t think enough about what their opponent is up to. Advanced players use strategies that restrain their opponent, as well as advancing their own goals, such as:

Advanced Player

Hence, some of the more advanced areas to focus on to lift up to the advanced player level, are:

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