Rook Rules

Rooks move horizontally or vertically in chess. They can move as many squares in those 4 directions. Rooks are allowed to move forwards and backwards, or left and right, as many times as desired in any direction.

Rook Capture Moves

Rooks capture the same way as they move. If they can reach a square in one of the 4 directions, then they can capture an enemy piece or pawn on that square.

Rooks Cannot Jump

Rooks cannot jump over pieces. When moving up/down or left/right, they can only move up to a piece in the way (and can capture it if it’s an enemy piece).

Rooks in Castling Moves

Rooks also take part in a special move with their own King, called “castling”. This is an odd 2-piece move where both the King and Rook swap over each other, and it is considered a single move.

Rooks can be created from pawns. This is called “underpromotion” and is rarely used in practice.

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