Rook Moves

Rooks can move in 4 directions: up, down, left, or right. Rooks cannot jump like Knights, and they cannot move along diagonals like Bishops.

Rooks Cannot Jump

Rooks also cannot jump over pieces when they move vertically or horizontally. They can only slide along through empty squares until they get to the edge of the board or to a piece. An enemy piece can be captured, and your own pieces stops further movement. Neither type of piece can be jumped over by the Rook.

Rooks in Castling

There is a special move involving your King and Rook, called castling. In this move, the King moves 2 squares towards its own Rook, and then the Rook jumps over to the other side of the King. Although castling moves two of your pieces, it is still considered only a single chess move.

Of course, Rook moves, like all moves in chess, must also obey the General Move Rules, such as the Check Rules and Self-Capture Rules.

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