Rapid play chess

Rapid play chess is faster chess with time controls of 15 minutes or less. Each player has that amount of time on their chess clock.

There are several common time controls. Lightning chess or ďblitzĒ refers to 5-minute chess. Allegro is a common term meaning 10 minute chess. Rapid play chess may have time controls with or without a Fischer clock.

How to Play Well in Rapid Chess

The trick with playing rapid play chess well is not to panic. You actually have time to think. Even in 5-minute chess without a Fischer setting, you still have 300 seconds, so even if the game lasts 60 moves (most games donít), you have 5 seconds per move. A lot of beginners think they have to play every move in 1 or 2 seconds, without any thinking. You donít have to beat your opponent on the clock - you have time to beat them on the board!

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