Queen Value

The Queen is valued as worth about 9 pawns in normal counts of “material” in chess. It is the strongest piece, and is worth more than Rooks (5 pawns), Bishops (3 pawns plus a little bit more) or Knights (3 pawns).

Two Rooks (10 pawns) are worth slightly more than a Queen. But “Queen vs Two Rook Endgames” are tricky and it depends a lot on the position and pawn weaknesses whether it’s the Queen or the Two Rooks that may win.

One Rook plus a minor piece (Knight or Bishop) is worth 8 pawns, slightly less than a Queen. A Queen will usually win an endgame against a Rook-and-piece. A “Rook+Bishop+Pawn” is worth 9 pawns, theoretically worth the same as the Queen, but usually the Queen will still win. However, if the Rook has more pawns, the Queen may be over-powered, so “R+B+2P vs Queen” may be a win for the rook’s team.

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