Queen Rules

Queens are the most powerful piece in chess. Queens can move in any of 8 directions, which is up/down (vertically), left/right (horizontally), or any of the 4 diagonals. Queens can move forwards and backwards as much as desired, including diagonally backwards.

Queen Capture Moves

Captures for Queens are the same as moves. If a Queen can move to a square, then it can capture an enemy piece or pawn on that square.

Queens Cannot Jump

Queens cannot jump over pieces. When moving in any direction (i.e. horiztonally, vertically, or diagonally), the Queen can only move up to a piece that is in the path. The Queen can capture it if its an enemy piece.

Queening Pawns

Queens can be created from pawns. There is a special rule called pawn promotion where a pawn can convert into a Queen once it reaches the end of the board. That newly created Queen has all the powers of a normal Queen. You are allowed more than one Queen.

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