Queen Moves

The Queen in chess moves in 8 possible directions: up, down, left, right, and the 4 diagonals. So the Queen can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It can only move in one of these directions on each move, and cannot “zig-zag” or change direction in a single move. The Queen is allowed to move forward or backwards, as much as she likes.

Queen = Rook + Bishop

The Queen’s moves are like having the powers of Bishop Moves and Rook Moves, combined into a single more powerful piece. The Queen cannot move like a Knight’s L-shaped move, and it does not jump.

Queens Cannot Jump

The Queen also cannot jump over pieces on ranks, files, or diagonals. It can only slide along through empty squares until it reaches the end of the board or another piece in the way. An enemy piece can be captured (and the move stops). A friendly piece blocks any further moving. The Queen cannot jump over enemy or friendly pieces.

Like all moves in chess, the Queen’s moves must also obey the General Move Rules, such as the Check Rules and Self-Capture Rules.

Queening a Pawn

A special feature of chess involving Queens is that pawns can be “promoted” to get new Queens. This occurs when the pawn reaches the end of the board on the other side, and is called “pawn promotion”. Having more than one Queen is allowed. The new Queen has the same powers as an ordinary Queen.

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