Pawn Value

A pawn is worth… wait for it … one pawn! When you measure the “material” on a chess board, it is usually measured in pawns, and a pawn counts for 1 pawn only.

The values of the pieces in terms of pieces are: Queen (9 pawns), Rook (5 pawns), Knight (3 pawns), Bishop (3 pawns or 3-and-a-half pawns). Use this formula to add up the value of each player’s pieces and pawns to see who is winning on material. For example, this is often used in adjudication to decide a winner.

In practical play, the actual position of the pawns matters, and a pawn can be worth more than just one pawn. If the pawn is on the 7th rank, about to be promoted into a Queen (via “pawn promotion”), then that far-advanced pawn is worth a lot more than just one pawn.

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