Multiple Queen Rules

Players can have multiple queens in normal chess. There is no rule restricting how many Queens you can have. Since you can queen up to 8 pawns (see ďpawn promotionĒ), and each player starts with a single Queen, in theory you can have up to 9 queens on the board.

Beginners will often checkmate their opponent by making lots of Queens. Itís easy to checkmate a King with lots of Queens. But watch out, because with lots of Queens itís also easy to giveÖ stalemate! (Thatís only a draw.)

In social chess, the usual way to represent a second queen is with an upside-down rook. But thatís usually not the correct way to do so in tournament chess, and it might actually still be a Rook. Better to find a real Queen piece from another board or ask the referee.

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