Half Point Bye

A “bye” in a chess tournaments means that you don’t have a game in that round. Sometimes one player must have a bye in tournaments with an odd number of players. A “half point bye” is a pre-arranged bye where you have given notice to the organizer that you will be absent for that round. Sometimes players cannot make the first round or two of a chess tournament, and are given a “half point” in lieu of playing a game. It’s equivalent to getting a draw in that round.

Requesting a Bye

Notice to the referee is usually required for a half-point bye. You cannot usually get a bye for the next round by asking for one just before the round. In some tournaments, it is not allowed to arrange a half point bye for one of the last rounds. The particular rules vary with the tournament and are somewhat at the discretion of the organizers and the official referee.

Zero Point Byes

In some tournaments, you cannot get a half-point bye in the later rounds, but you can still get a “zero point bye”. What this means is that you are going to be absent for that round of the tournament, and are being courteous to let the referee know. You cannot get a half point at the end of a tournament, as that would be too easy. At the end of a tournament, you are usually playing the toughest players, and have to fight for every half point, so the referee doesn’t give them away for free.

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