Can the King attack the Other King?

Can the King move towards and attack the enemy King? Tricky question! There are two issues:

Firstly, itís an illegal move. Moving your King next to the enemy King actually puts your King into check (by the enemy King), so itís an illegal move. You cannot legally move into check. The twist here is that some tournaments allow illegal moves to be played, usually in lightning chess or other rapid play events. Longer games will usually require an illegal move to be undone, so thereís no point moving your King to attack the enemy King in a slower tournament!

Secondly, even if the illegal move is allowed, in order to get next to the enemy King, you would have to move your King directly next to the enemy King. The enemy King can then take your King! Their King can take your King before you get a chance to capture it.

Hence, the idea of using your King to attack the enemy King is only really a nasty swindling method in lightning chess. While your opponent is preoccupied with Queening their extra pawn, just walk your King over to their King and take it! It only works if they donít notice what youíre doing (otherwise their King takes yours first). This is a rude trick, so save it for social games with friends.

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