Bad Sportsmanship

Well, there are plenty of ways to go wrong, either against the rules or a minor “faux pas” in your behaviour. Rule-breaking can be penalized by the arbiter, ranging from warnings to loss of game or ejection from the tournament! Some things to avoid include:

  • Intentionally disturbing your opponent
  • Mobile phone usage (see the “mobile phone rules”)
  • Repeatedly offering draws
  • Offering draws on your opponent’s time
  • Offering a draw very early in the game (that’s unsporting)
  • Cheating (obviously)
  • Announcing “check” (that’s a minor one, it’s a bit condescending)
  • Announcing “Queen check” (very condescending)
  • Clock abuse: slamming the clock buttons, hovering over the button with a hand.
  • Celebrating a win (e.g. fist pumps, cheering, it’s better to be quiet and humble)
  • Sour grapes on a loss (better to accept your loss; admit your failings)
  • Refusing to analyse a game afterwards (sadly, this is common, a helpful teaching tradition is slowly reducing)
  • Swindling moves (is this a faux pas? Even grandmasters have tried nasty swindle moves like the “intentional en prise move” on the board!)

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