Automatic Draws

Some types of draws in a chess game are “automatic” in the sense that a player does not have to make a “draw claim”. The referee is supposed to declare a draw on seeing these positions. These types of draws include:

  • Stalemate
  • Lack of adequate mating material (insufficient mating material)
  • Kings Only (the most common type of insufficient mating material draw)

It’s a bit confusing, because although you don’t need an official “draw claim” process, you still have to claim the draw, by you know, saying that it’s a draw to your opponent, and you might still have to get the referee over to confirm the draw (e.g. if your opponent disagrees or doesn’t know the rule).

Draw Claims

A few other types of draw require a more involved “draw claim”. The main types of draw that need a referee to check the draw situation include:

Read more about: Draw Claims.

Other Types of Draw

Other types of draws include: