Van't Kruijs Opening

The e3 opening is a passive and never-seen opening. Nobody plays this opening in tournament chess. Effectively, White has mostly wasted their first move. This move blocks in the dark square bishop and White may need to fianchetto queenside.

Diagram: Van't Kruijs Opening (e3 opening)

Black probably should reply with “1..e5”, after which White might play “2.b3”, starting to look like a Larsen Attack. If White plays “2.d4” then we have a kind of Reverse French Defence, which isn’t that bad either: “2…exd4, 3.exd4” looks pretty open and equal. White has lost the “opening move advantage”, but the game is fine to play either side.

Diagram: Van't Kruijs Opening (Reverse French Defence)

If Black replies “1..d5”, then White can play a “Bird’s Opening” with “2.f4”, and the e3 move wasn’t a total waste after all. Or White could play “2.d4” with a Colle System, Reverse Stonewall, or a later “3.c4” which becomes a slow and passive variant of a Queens Pawn Opening.

Transpositions: This opening might transpose into a few other openings:

So in summary, the move is not completely bad, it’s positionally sound, does help with development of the King bishop, but is just not really challenging to Black. Too passive to be a strong White opening. Either White transposes into some lesser known and ineffective White openings, or else White loses the first move advantage, and it becomes like playing a Black opening as White.

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