Unusual Opening Lines for Blitz

Looking for some interesting and attacking lines for blitz games, to take the game “out of book”, even if they’re a little bit unsound? There are plenty of them!

King Pawn Opening Lines for White

White Blitz “e4 e5” Lines: Lots of King Pawn attacking lines and gambits:

Anti-Sicilian Lines for White

White Blitz Anti-Sicilian lines:

White Queen Pawn Openings

White “d4” blitz openings:

Black Blitz Lines Against e4

Black anti-e4 Blitz openings:

Black King Pawn Blitz Lines (1.e4 e5)

Black anti-e4 lines in the “e4 e5” defences:

Black Lines against the Queen Pawn

Black anti-d4 blitz openings in the “d4 d5” queen pawn games:

Uncommon Indian Defence Lines for Black

Black anti-d4 Blitz openings: Indian Lines (1..Nf6):

Black Unusual Lines against d4

Black anti-d4 Blitz other lines without “1..d5” or “1..Nf6”:

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