Scotch Opening

The Scotch Opening, or “Scotch Game”, is a direct chess opening for White in the King Pawn Openings that has been known for centuries. It has experienced a resurgence in interest at master level in the last decade or so, and there are many new attacking ideas. There is also the subvariation called the “Scotch Gambit” which is quite viable for White.

Diagram: Scotch Opening

Scotch Gambit

In addition to the main lines of the Scotch Game, there is also the Scotch Gambit. White playes 4.Bc4 instead of recapturing the "d4’ pawn.

Diagram: Scotch Gambit

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Other White Opening Alternatives

Alternatives for White to the Scotch Game in the King Pawn Openings include:

Alternatives for Black include:

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