Reversed Opening

A reverse opening is one where White plays a setup that is similar to a defence commonly played by Black. These openings are not commonly used, but are playable. Some examples include:

Note that almost any first move by White can be a “reversed” opening. If White just wastes their first move with a silly move, then they aren’t actually that badly off. At worst, White is playing a reverse opening as if they now have the Black pieces.

Reverse Openings for White

White Reverse Openings: Other examples of reversed openings where White plays an opening usually played by Black include:

  • Reversed Caro Kann
  • Reversed French Defence
  • Reversed Sicilian Defence
  • Reversed Kan Sicilian (White plays c4 and a3, Black plays e5).
  • Reversed Pirc Defence
  • Reversed Baker’s Defence
  • Center Counter Reversed (from the Center Game, White plays Qa4!?)
  • Reversed Stonewall (reverse of the Stonewall Dutch)

Reverse Openings for Black

Black Reverse Openings: Less commonly, Black may play a line commonly played by White with a tempo behind. Some examples are:

  • Reversed f4 Sicilian (Black plays d6,e5 and f5 against the English Opening or Reti, but without Nc6)
  • Reverse Grand Prix Atttack (Black plays d6, e5, f5, and Nc6)
  • Reversed Closed Sicilian (Black plays d6,e5, g6 and Bg7 against the English Opening or Reti)

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