Reti Opening

The Reti Opening (1.Nf3) is a very strong and sound White opening. Yet it is rarely played in tournaments. White can choose from a variety of setups, usually with a Kingside fianchetto (similar to the King’s Indian Attack) and the move “c4” (like the English Opening). There are a variety of independent lines and different plans for White. Black too has a variety of “anti-Reti systems”.

Diagram: Reti Opening

Reti Opening Transpositions

The move 1.Nf3 is very flexible. White often plays “c4” or “d4” as a later move in the Reti Opening, making it similar to a number of other opening systems:

Alternatively, White can play the main line of a “true Reti opening” with a plan of c4 (without d4), and a kingside bishop fianchetto (g3).

Main Line Reti with 1..d5

The Reti Opening often refers to the openings where Black plays “d5”. A common move order is:

Diagram: Reti Opening with c4

Reti Opening Variations

Systems in the Reti Opening include:

For more about lines for Black against the Reti, read more about: Anti-Reti Systems.

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