Qxd4 Sicilian Variation

The Qxd4 variation against the Sicilian Defence is to play Qxd4 instead of Nxd4. It is sometimes called the “Chekhover Variation”. It only works in the “2..d6” lines of the Sicilian, it is unplayable (obviously) against “2..Nc6” lines, but might theoretically be considered against “2..e6” lines (although probably dubious with the Queen kicked around, like a Center Game). The main Qxd4 line against the “d6 Sicilian” is actually quite drawish, and hence it is not often seen in tournament chess.

Diagram: Qxd4 Sicilian against d6 lines

Black can play “4..Nc6” when 5.Bb5 a6, 6.Bxc6+ allows the Queen to stay, or Black can play “4..a6” and then “5..Nc6” forcing the Queen to move.

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