Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is one of the oldest chess openings. There is a huge range of theory about this opening. This is one of the most common openings in the Queen Pawn Openings, although the Nc3 variations are also quite common in intermediate chess games.

Diagram: Queen’s Gambit

Like an gambit, Black can either accept or decline the pawn. It is not really a true “gambit” even if Black takes the pawn (Queen’s Gambit Accepted), because Black does not usually attempt to keep the pawn (because those lines are dangerous), and White recaptures the pawn on c4 within a few moves.

Diagram: Queen’s Gambit Accepted

The Queen’s Gambit Declined is where Black chooses not to take the pawn. Black usually plays e6 or c6 to defend the d5 pawn.

Diagram: Queen’s Gambit Declined with e6

Diagram: Queen’s Gambit Declined with c6 (Slav)

Variations of the Queen’s Gambit Declined include:

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