Positional Chess Openings

Looking to play some slower chess openings? Less tactics, more manoeuvring? There are a number of openings that tend to be more positional. Here’s a hint: don’t play “1.e4”, that’s for a start.

White Positional Openings in the Queen Pawn Openings: Slower games after “1.d4 d5”? Some of the positional openings or slower systems for White include:

White Positional Openings in the King Pawn Games (i.e. with “1.e4 e5”). Are there any? Well, here’s a few:

White positional anti-Sicilian lines (1.e4 c5):

White positional lines in the “e4” semi-open defences (other than anti-Sicilian above):

Other White Positional Openings (excluding 1.d4 and 1.e4):

Black Positional Openings against e4:

Black Positional Openings against d4:

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