Nf6 Opening

The Nf6 opening move doesn’t really have its own name, except when combined with White’s move. The Black move “Nf6” appears in two main Black opening variations.

Against 1.e4 by White, Black’s 1..Nf6 is the start of Alekhine’s Defence.

Diagram: Alekhine’s Defence with Nf6

Against 1.d4, then 1..Nf6 is the start of many different types of Indian Defences, or a Benko, Benoni, or similar semi-open Queen pawn opening.

Diagram: Indian Defences with Nf6

Against 1.c4 (English Opening), the move 1…Nf6 may become a Queen pawn game with an Indian Defence, or it may stay an independent variation of the English Opening.

Black may also play 1...Nf6 against other openings, such as a copycat move against the Reti Opening.