Nc3 Attack, Queen Pawn Games

The Nc3 Attack is a strong opening in the Queen Pawn Games. White avoids playing c4 and all of the Queens Gambit systems.

Diagram: Nc3 Attack, Queen Pawn Game

Variations of this attack usually involve playing the Bg5 move whenever Black plays Nf6. Hence, this opening is similar to, and may transpose to, some of the Bg5 openings:

Other alternatives than Bg5 for White include:

Diagram: Nc3 Attack, Anti-Indian Move Order

Transpositions: Anti-Indian Line: The Nc3 attack can be used as a way to avoid many of the Indian Systems. After 1.d4 Nf6, 2.Nc3!? Black is virtually forced to play 2..d5 to prevent Whites e4. Hence, we reach the main position of the Nc3 Attack by transposition, having forced an Indian Defence player into a Queen Pawn Game. See also: Anti-Indian Openings.