Milner-Barry Gambit

The Milner-Barry Gambit is an interesting gambit line for White in the Advance French. Black can decline the gambit simply by ignoring the "d4 pawn, but the gambit is widely regarded as dubious. Theory says that Black should accept the free pawn.

Diagram: Milner-Barry Gambit (Advance French Bd3 Gambit Line)

There are two main variations:

  • 10a6
  • 10Qxe5

a6 Variation

The a6 line is one of the lines in the theory. It immediately prevents thoughts of Bb5 or Nb5.

Diagram: Milner-Barry Gambit (a6 Variation)

Qxe5 Variation

With the Qxe5 line, Black captures a second pawn, but then White wins back another pawn, so its still a single pawn gambit.

Diagram: Milner-Barry Gambit (Qxe5 Variation)

Qxe5 and Qd6 novelty

But what about 11..Qd6 to retain both pawns, as an alternative to Qb8. Its not in the theory books, but it looks better for Black, allowing both pawns to be kept.

Diagram: Milner-Barry Gambit (Qxe5 and Qd6 Variation)

Black looks fine after either 12.Nb5 Bxb5, 13.Bxb5+ Ke7!? or 12.Nb5 Qb8!? Black has a two pawn advantage, and White doesnt seem to have much of an attack as compensation.