Lemming Defence

The Black move 1..Na6 is a never-played chess opening. It puts the Knight on the edge of the board, and a likely move by White is Bf1xa6 (Bishop takes Knight), which will ruin Blacks queenside pawn structure. This move really only makes senses against 1.d4 but it doesnt make much sense even then.

Diagram: Lemming Defence (Na6 opening) after d4

Diagram: Lemming Defence (Na6 opening) after e4

In theory, the opening move Na6 might be useful if Black gets to play c6 and Na6-c7, but its likely that White gets in first with Bxa6. Black might consider playing b6 when Bxa6 will no longer ruin the queenside pawns because Black has Bc8xa6. But White can play Qa4 threatening further pain.

Diagram: Lemming Defence Line

Threatened with the loss of a piece, Black probably has to retreat with Nb8.

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