King’s Indian Attack

The King’s Indian Attack is an opening setup for White that is similar to Black’s opening called the King’s Indian Defence. The key feature is the fianchetto of the King’s bishop. The King’s Indian Attack usually involves playing moves including: g3, Bg2, Nf3, d3, and O-O. The line may also involve developing the White queen by playing c3 and Qc2. The exact order of playing all of these moves is not fixed, and may often vary.

Diagram: King’s Indian Attack: Example against Sicilian Defence

Move Order Doesn’t Matter That Much

The King’s Indian Attack is a slower system for White where both sides prepare their forces without actually touching each other. Hence, White can often play the overall system without much consideration as to the exact order of moves.

The King’s Indian Attack’s system often includes all these moves:

  • e4
  • d3
  • g3
  • Bg2
  • Nf3
  • c3
  • Qc2
  • Nbd2
  • O-O

The example diagram above against the Sicilian has “e4” played first. But e4 is often played late in the King’s Indian Attack, after having been prepared by d3, c3, Qc2, and Nbd2.

Other Similar Opening Systems

Note that the pawn structure of c3, d3, and e4 can also be played with a Be2 setup (instead of g3 and Bg2), but then it’s not called the King’s Indian Attack. And also with Bc4: a similar system with c3, d3, and e4 along with Bc4 (before d3) occurs in the Giuoco Pianissimo (a quiet line of the Giuoco Piano).

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