King’s Fianchetto Opening

The King’s Fianchetto Opening is “1.g3” by White. It is the White version of the Modern Defence (1..g6), and goes by various names: Modern Attack, g3 opening, Benko opening, and probably others. The King’s Indian Attack is an overall system for White involving g3 although not necessarily starting with “1.g3” immediately.

Diagram: King’s Fianchetto Opening (Modern Attack)

This opening can stay a hypermodern opening (similar to the Black “Modern Defence”), or can transpose into various other White opening systems that involve a Kingside fianchetto. Unless Black moves forward provocatively, White can often deploy the pieces in whatever setup is desired. Systems that White can use with the King’s Fianchetto include:

And that’s certainly not the full list. White has a lot of flexibility in setup in these slower variations where White holds back from the center.

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