Irregular Openings

Chess players use the term “irregular openings” when really they just mean dubious or unsound openings. A lot of the unusual openings are actually quite playable, especially at the club level, but are rarely played by grandmasters.

White Irregular Openings

Some of the “irregular” or unusual chess openings for White include:

Good Openings Rarely Played

Uncommon but Superb: Some uncommon but strong and not really “irregular” chess openings for White include:

Uncommon but Sound: Some of the uncommon but quite playable flank openings include:

Dubious Openings for White

Dubious White Lines: There are various lines and gambits that are dubious for White:

Black Irregular Openings

Black opening oddities: Some irregular openings for Black include:

Dubious Black Openings

Dubious Black Lines: Some irregular but only slightly dubious openings:

Good Black Openings Rarely Played

Uncommon but Sound: Some uncommon but playable Black openings include:

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